Sunday, January 31, 2010

Photo Shoot #2

Today we dressed Baby Henry in a christening gown that I brought from Washington. This gown was given to me from my G'ma, who said that it had been hers. She gave it to me and I have taken pictures of all of our kids in it- although some couldn't really fit! They didn't make 9 to 10 pound babes back then!

This gown is two layers of muslin and homemade lace. I think that this gown must be 100 years old.

Handsome guy-even if he is in a dress!

Today Karli and I head back on the plane bound for Seattle. So sad! Henry has managed to double knot a string around my heart and is holding onto it pretty tightly. That's a lot of string, from Savannah to Oak Harbor.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Baby Henry's Photo Shoot

Day 10 Baby Henry Photo Shoot

In honor of Baby Henry's 10th day on this earth, we have 10 pictures for you to peruse. But wait! There's more! Your vote is needed! We just can't decide what is the absolute best picture of the Little Man. Maybe someone else who is not so crazy-mad in love can help. Look at these pictures and then post the number to the picture you think is the cutest in the 'post a comment', below this blog. Come on! I know you guys can do it!!!!!!

Don't forget to watch the video of the scrumpdilliumptious bundle of sweetness below!!!!

I know it's blurry, but sweet baby kisses are too cute.

He can see straight into your soul, you know.

Look at those eyes!

Such a little man.

I've never met a Who from Whoville that I didn't like.

Ohhh, the eyes again!

Kissable cheeks!

Just ponderin' the mysteries of the world with G'ma.

Wow, those eyes again!

Exhausted after the photo shoot.

The Amazing Henry Wilder Marr

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You Don't See That in Oak Harbor

Today started out with a four hour morning snooze with Master Henry on the couch while mom got some well deserved sleep. It has been such a joy getting to know this little guy, and I lose all sense of time when I'm holding him.

G'ma fits me, right?


Yesterday Karli and I took a walk around the neighborhood to soak in some of the Savannah sun and check out the Southern hospitality at the local Ma's Market down the street. Aside from the fresh roasted pecans next to the cases of beer, the place had a "don't mess with me 'cause I got a big ol' gun behind the counter" kind of feel to it. Could also have been the thick black bars on the windows and the hoochy mama posters on the wall.Maybe.

But Savannah does have a certain charm to it.

My dream home!

Enormous brick homes with wrought iron gates, huge oak trees with Spanish moss draped on it like tinsel, and those cement lions that guard the doors really interest me. You don't see that in Oak Harbor.

The Spanish moss is everywhere-literally. It hangs so low that it almost touches the ground, and is scattered all over the yards as if a giant old woman just had a hair cut!

There's also little pocket parks every block or so with ornate lamp posts. You don't see that in Oak Harbor.

But really, life just revolves around Master Henry, and Karli and I know that soon our time with him will be up, so we need to soak up all of him that we can.

You don't see that in Oak Harbor.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Picture Update

I think that Doris Day sings it best:
I love you a bushel and a peck
A bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck
A hug around the neck and a barrel and a heap
A barrel and a heap and I'm talkin' in my sleep
About you, about you
'Cause I love you a bushel and a peck
You bet your purdy neck I do

A doodle-oodle-ooh-doo

Today was Henry's weigh-in, and he gained 5 ounces in just two days! It was a treat to take him out on his first little excursion, even if it was just to the doctor's office.

So all is fabulous with him, and Allie is doing great as well.

He's a smiley little dude, isn't he?
For Karli and I, we are spending the days simply holding him...and trying not to fight over him! We also have been cooking, and Karli made a fabulous lemon meringue pie tonight!

I've had plenty of time to gaze upon his royal cuteness and determine what of his features are Allie's and what are Garrison's. While Allie tells me that he looks just like Garrison's baby pictures, I do know what he has inherited from Allie...

That would be her long fingers...

and her long monkey toes!

But one thing is true-he is pure sweetness; all soft and cuddly. An awesome way to spend the day!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Pictures of the Little Dude!

Auntie Karli holding her Nephew, Henry.
This little guy zonked out just when it was time for milk!
Off to the land of nod.
Allie and Karli with the baby.
Pure Cuteness.
Grandma Hall and Mommy Allie with Baby Henry.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

All Rise For the Honorable Henry Wilder Marr!

Just look at that face. Adorable, isn't he? That's my grandson, Henry Wilder Marr, if you please. With a name like that there are already high aspirations for him. "All rise for the honorable Henry Wilder Marr!" Or how about, "Critics deem Henry Wilder Marr's novel to be an epic tale that will be cherished for ages." I just know such statements will be said about him. With a name like that, it's his destiny.

And what a trial he had coming into this world!24 hours of labor, only to have an emergency c-section. But all is well, and now a new chapter in their lives begins. For Allie and Garrison, it will truly never be the same.

It's kind of weird, this new role of mine. As I talked to Allie on the phone during labor and listened to her breath through her contractions, it all brought it back again to me, and I thought, "How on earth did I already get here?" Listening to my daughter go through this life changing experience and not be able to be there for her was hard, yet o.k. This is now their new story to write.This is now their new adventure to live.

And you know what? He already has my heart firmly clutched within his little fist. Yep. That he does.

Welcome to this world, Henry Wilder Marr.

You are truly loved.

G'ma Hall

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ode to My Funeral (inspired by a true story)

When I die, will you dance at my funeral?

Would you have loved me enough to wear your favorite tutu

twirl your very best twirls

and point your toes?

When I die, will you dance at my funeral?

Even when all others will concentrate on suppressing a smirk

Will you proudly resemble a pink jelly bean

up on the stage?

When I die, will you sing at my funeral?

Will you clasp your hands before you

warble your strongest warble

and attempt your best opera?

If you love me, you will dance your best dance

and warble your best warble

and embarrass yourself as much as possible

And hopefully accomplish my goal-

to crack everybody up.

At your expense.

Now THAT would be an awesome funeral.
(Dedicated to the most pious and godly Deb Marth.Amen.)

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