Sunday, April 5, 2009

O.k., so I'm finally getting to this blog (I can't let Karli out do me!) but it's kind of intimidating! WOW, where do I start? How about with this....

Tonight, as my sweet little Karli was ready to head up to bed, she REALLY wanted me to tuck her in. Slowly, (very slowly) I caught on that just maybe something was up. You would think that after 5 kids and 23 years of bedtime drama I would catch on a little quicker. Heading into her bedroom and crawling under the canopy/tent/cocoon cover that was an old sheet draped over her bed posts, held in place with pencils that were strategically jammed into where the tops were supposed to be (hey, creativity at its best), I asked Karli what was eating at her. I don't do well at prying the problem out of her-I just don't have the patience in trying it, and thankfully she was pretty quick to share. As a tear rolled down the bridge of her cute little nose, she squeeked out that she misses Allie, her big sister. (Allie, are you listening?) We talked about Allie and Garrison's move to Savannah, and how its such an exciting adventure for them, but to be honest, I felt a watery eye coming on. I'm so excited for them, but boy, it sure would be nice to get them back sometime in the near future. Karli and I both agree. And that doesn't happen every day!

We Love You Allie!!!!

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