Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Henry Goes to Washington- Part 2

This past weekend brought Allie and Henry back home. And although the sad occasion was the funeral of Allie's childhood friend, we did have a chance to get away to Port Townsend on Saturday and enjoy one of Washington's very elusive sunny days.

Henry had his very first ferry ride. Although the ride got a little rocky, and Allie questioned the sea-worthiness of the little boat, Henry had a great time!

I also learned another lesson: Never depend on ferry workers to help you when getting around cars with a stroller. G'ma lost her cool and ended up hefting the thing all the way up the stairs. Grrrr.

The day ended with Henry in the pumpkin patch...even if it was in the middle of Albertsons. After calling around to find an open pumpkin patch, we had to get creative. Did he care? No. Will he remember it? No. But at least we got the picture!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stevie Hits the Bull's Eye

Check this out! With the beginning of the school year, our program started off with archery in P.E., thanks to my friend Charlene. She has come in to teach the kids, and they love it! And we have discovered that we have a William Tell in our family-check out the apple. He was the only kid who got it!

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