Monday, August 31, 2009

Mount St. Helen's and Her Little Mascot

After leaving Fort clatsop, we camped not too far from Mt. St. Helen's and headed up to the Johnson observation center to look at the mountain. It's amazing that even after 30 years since the eruption, there is still clear evidence of the event. Huge trees lay like toothpicks on the hillsides.

Stevie begged me to have a picture taken with him. He loves his mommy so much!

Steam rises from the dome in the mountain that keeps on building.
While Steven and I enjoyed a talk from the ranger, Stevie and Karli found a chipmunk that was happy to hang out with them.

It was as if this little guy thought that all the crowds were there for him! I don't know if when Stevie and Karli are older that they will remember seeing the mountain, but I'm sure that they will remember the cute chipmunk!

Fort Clatsop

Okay, so after spending some time at the beach, Mom made us stop at Fort Clatsop. Something about Lewis and Clark and them spending the winter there made it important, I guess. The guy in the big funny hat spent some time showing us how the Corps of Discovery started fires back then, and Karli and I got a chance to use flint and steel to try and make a spark, so I guess that was o.k. I just know that Mom was trying to cram some history down us. -Stevie

On To Cannon Beach

After spending some time at the Dunes at Honeyman State Park, we traveled up the coast to Cannon Beach.
Ecola State Park, overlooking Haystack Rock.

Off to the Dunes

After dropping off the girls at NCU, and Mom shedding some tears,(sniff, sniff, I still don't want to talk about it!) we headed over to the coast to spend some time in the sun and sand.
Stevie and Karli spent a day learning how to sand board.

Wow! She looks pretty cool!

Arrival at NCU

OOOOHHHH!!! The balloons really added a festive atmosphere to the registration process!!
The moment of truth...will Lindsey and her new roomie hit it off? Or will Lindsey's family completely embarrass her and convince Keegan that Lindsey is just as odd as her family?

The Big Day

The end of summer meant the begining of a new adventure for Lindsey and Megan. The family paraded Lindsey across the HUGE campus of NCU and began the process of helping her move into her dorm room. The building in the picture is Lindsey and Megan's dorm. If fact, it's the ONLY dorm. I kept saying, "this campus is so small!" But that's what is so great about it.

Megan had gone a week in advance and had pretty much settled in.

Socks for Baby Marr!

These are the pair of socks we got for Baby Marr!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mom hasn't.....

Mom hasn't written anything on here lately, so here is a picture of this bear cub that I like.

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