Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You Don't See That in Oak Harbor

Today started out with a four hour morning snooze with Master Henry on the couch while mom got some well deserved sleep. It has been such a joy getting to know this little guy, and I lose all sense of time when I'm holding him.

G'ma fits me, right?


Yesterday Karli and I took a walk around the neighborhood to soak in some of the Savannah sun and check out the Southern hospitality at the local Ma's Market down the street. Aside from the fresh roasted pecans next to the cases of beer, the place had a "don't mess with me 'cause I got a big ol' gun behind the counter" kind of feel to it. Could also have been the thick black bars on the windows and the hoochy mama posters on the wall.Maybe.

But Savannah does have a certain charm to it.

My dream home!

Enormous brick homes with wrought iron gates, huge oak trees with Spanish moss draped on it like tinsel, and those cement lions that guard the doors really interest me. You don't see that in Oak Harbor.

The Spanish moss is everywhere-literally. It hangs so low that it almost touches the ground, and is scattered all over the yards as if a giant old woman just had a hair cut!

There's also little pocket parks every block or so with ornate lamp posts. You don't see that in Oak Harbor.

But really, life just revolves around Master Henry, and Karli and I know that soon our time with him will be up, so we need to soak up all of him that we can.

You don't see that in Oak Harbor.

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