Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hello, Beautiful, Fearless Self

Fearlessness. We all have our own ideas of what that looks like in our lives. For some it may be bungee jumping (I simply call that foolhardy!) while others may find it in the very thought of stepping out of their own front door. But what ever degree of fearlessness that you are challenged with, do you step up to it, or simply let it slip away? And what is it that you know you need to do but are fearful of doing?

And here is the conundrum that we face: There is fear in the fearlessness, but if we don't step up to the challenge then there is simply regret. And isn't life too short for that?

So today when you are challenged to be fearless, ask yourself that very question...What will your most beautiful, fearless self do at this very moment? Come on! I dare ya!!!!!!

Thanks to Lisa at her most fabulous blog,

for the picture!!!!

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