Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bake Sale!!! Get your questionably edible items!!!

Today we prepared for a bake sale. Stevie has to make money if he wants to go to youth group camp in August, so he's been working mowing lawns, cleaning, washing cars, and now a bake sale.
The funny thing is, the kid doesn't bake.
Gee, I wonder who he thought would do it? Hmmm... well, not me. After he asked the dumb question of,"Can we just buy some food to sell there?" we got busy.Actually, he didn't do too bad! He made Rice Crispy Treats and brownies. He washed his hands before starting, didn't pick his nose during the stirring, and didn't even cough into the bowl! Ah well, cooking kills the germs, right?

Anyways, now all we have to do is pray that the goodies survive the night and hope that people take pity on these kids tomorrow.

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