Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One of my pet peeves

Okay, so I have spent way too long laughing my head off at the blog, Hyperbole and a half; Thank you, Allie. But this blogger has inspired me to list some of my pet peeves that I see daily in writing.

Such as using little "i" instead of "I" as a personal pronoun

Using a little i this way says so much about a girl.You don't find boys doing this, do you?

Using the cutesy little i says to me: "Hi! Don't you think im adorable? even though i spend waaaay too long thinking about boys who are hopefully thinking about me, because hey, i think about myself a lot. When i grow up i want to paint toenails for a living. And put glitter on them. When i write my i's, i like to draw a cute circle for the dot. i say that i don't like boys, but i dress like i do. i really like boys. is he looking at me?"

It makes me want to say, "Honey, pull up that little i and cover up that dot! Pleeeeeease!"

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