Tuesday, January 19, 2010

All Rise For the Honorable Henry Wilder Marr!

Just look at that face. Adorable, isn't he? That's my grandson, Henry Wilder Marr, if you please. With a name like that there are already high aspirations for him. "All rise for the honorable Henry Wilder Marr!" Or how about, "Critics deem Henry Wilder Marr's novel to be an epic tale that will be cherished for ages." I just know such statements will be said about him. With a name like that, it's his destiny.

And what a trial he had coming into this world!24 hours of labor, only to have an emergency c-section. But all is well, and now a new chapter in their lives begins. For Allie and Garrison, it will truly never be the same.

It's kind of weird, this new role of mine. As I talked to Allie on the phone during labor and listened to her breath through her contractions, it all brought it back again to me, and I thought, "How on earth did I already get here?" Listening to my daughter go through this life changing experience and not be able to be there for her was hard, yet o.k. This is now their new story to write.This is now their new adventure to live.

And you know what? He already has my heart firmly clutched within his little fist. Yep. That he does.

Welcome to this world, Henry Wilder Marr.

You are truly loved.

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