Sunday, January 10, 2010

Megan's Message from Uganda!!!!!

Well, here it is! Finally Megan was able to send out a message. I cried from relief, happiness, and the ache in my heart knowing that she is soooo far away......

But God is so great, isn'tHe?! Pretty amazing how he works everything for His ( and our) good. I was starting to really worry about her and obsessively check Facebook and Hotmail hoping to hear from her when she popped up on the Facebook chat! We chatted for a bit when she was on (it kept signing her off) and she shared that the first day she went to a HUGE celebration that lasted from 1-8pm!

Keep her in your prayers. She hasn't been able to run and I know that she needs to. Enjoy the message!!!!!

Megan sent you a message. --------------------

Subject: Mommmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello!! I am so excited to finally be able to get online for the first time since I have been here. I have so much to tell. I can't even write in my journals at night because everything that happened in the day is way to much to summarize. And I am so exhausted by the end of the day that its super hard to stay awake and write. But for what you want to here is that I am super safe and well. I did have a head cold for the first 3 days. Thanks Jack :P But today I am almost all well. And I woke up this morning wondering if Allie was in the hospital having little Henry!!!! Is he?! Is he?! I have been enjoying telling my family all about you guys and Allie. Mom, and family, I have been blessed to stay with one of the best host families offered this year with USP. My African momma is a teacher of English and science at a secondary school. And my papa Joseph is a reverend at the St. Phillip and Andrew Anglican church. I went there yesterday. It was very interesting. The church body shows a lot of reverence to God and they preach a lot about having one wife and not cheating on your husband. But also, whenever we travel anywhere the papa (revern) prays for our journey and our protection :). I have a mom and a dad, then I have a little brother who is 8 and his name is Isaac. A sister who is 6 and her name is deborah. And a really little sister named Docus who is 1 :) Then there is a house maid, I think her name is Adison. She doesn't know English. I found that out when I tried talking to her and she just looked at me weird :P. But I have learned that thank you in uganda is Webale. So when she makes food for us I say webale. Aww i have so much to tell..but I don't want to trail off. I think I will have to save some for my blog. Hmm Oh also there is a girl who is just staying for a little while to help around the house. Zuraim is 18 and I wish she would stay. She asks a lot about the US because she has never been. I want to tell her everything! And then one more guy stays with us as well. His name is Charles. He looks like he is at least 26 but he is 34! He looks so young! I have enjoyed talking to them. I have already learned soo much! And mom! Totally God for the gift ideas! If you remember what we got and the people in the will see how perfect everything was. I gave the dad and charles the hats. They didn't know what football was!!! they said maybe on tv..but they still looked confused after I explained and acted it out and told them how much dad loves football and has parties and friends over. The mom loves her little shawl I got her. Zuraim felt really special when I gave her the little anklets, and she shared with the house maid. Then the little kids love the playdough and stickers and coloring book. I am waiting to get out the book and other things for special occasions. and I asked the mom if she would like the letter you wrote her before or after, she said after. so I am saving it. But that was a really good idea. thank you!! I have only been with my family for 1 and 1/2 days but there is sooooo much to tell. and so much that I have seen. I will show you pictures on facebook or blog. but to give you a small summary of where I am staying is: I have a squatty potty for a bathroom. A small bucket kind of like the ones the horses eat their food in to bathe with. So you bend then scoop then throw the water over your body. Good bye long, warm relaxing showers :) But I don't mind it..its like an adventure. Picture standing naked next to a little bucket wondering how you are going to wash your hair :P I didn't know how so I just stuck my hair in the bucket. hahaha. and you are trying to talk to me on facebook and I cant chat and write a message at the same time so I will end this to catch you!. But I am well and love you and have cried missing you guys. But this is good. I havev never smiled so much in a day :) Love you!!!!! Let me know how everything is back at home :) Daughter megan--------------------

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