Wednesday, January 28, 2009

School, Homework, and 4-H

Hey! So this time I am writing today, I can't write much, but everything is going pretty well. (like I said in our last blog.) Pretty much all of us in the fam have been doing school, and homework. I am pretty sure that even Allie just got done doing a hiuge test! Well, today is Thusday, and tonight I have exciting 4-H!!! Because you all know there is so much excitement in that! NOT! JKJK! It is actually pretty fun. The best part of 4-H is the fair. It is a great goal to work for, every time you get frustrated with your dog, you just say to your self, don't worry, this is going to be fun at the fair, and I want him to do good at fair, so just keep on going, just keep on going. But actually, I don't really get frustrated with Hans that much, he is just sooooo lovable! When you look into his eyes, you don't really see a way to get mad at him! Well, I have to finish my homework now so I can actually GO to 4-H! Hahaha!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

About The Fam

So since Allie is doing a blog we decided that we would try one too!

2009 has been pretty good so far, Mom is teaching classes, Dad is an advisor, Megan is working at Subway, this time in Stanwood, Lindsey is teaching swim lessons at the pool and leading worship for youthgroup and kids church, Stevie is in middle school and taking drum lessons, and I (Karli) am in the 5th grade, and I love to play with our dogs. Thats all for now folks!

-The Fam

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