Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ode to My Funeral (inspired by a true story)

When I die, will you dance at my funeral?

Would you have loved me enough to wear your favorite tutu

twirl your very best twirls

and point your toes?

When I die, will you dance at my funeral?

Even when all others will concentrate on suppressing a smirk

Will you proudly resemble a pink jelly bean

up on the stage?

When I die, will you sing at my funeral?

Will you clasp your hands before you

warble your strongest warble

and attempt your best opera?

If you love me, you will dance your best dance

and warble your best warble

and embarrass yourself as much as possible

And hopefully accomplish my goal-

to crack everybody up.

At your expense.

Now THAT would be an awesome funeral.
(Dedicated to the most pious and godly Deb Marth.Amen.)

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