Wednesday, January 6, 2010

3am Phone Calls and Momma Guilt

Well, yesterday was THE DAY. The day to see our 20 year old on her way to her next big adventure-living four months in Uganda. And this was a new adventure for me as well.Even though she had been attending college in Eugene, roughly seven hours from us, it is much more unsettling sending your child to a third world country, no matter how old she is!

It's crazy how my mind works. Megan's plan was to call us when she arrived in Dulles airport, her first stop on her way to Entebbe. And she did just that, at 3:00am, which is totally what we wanted. However,I couldn't get back to sleep! I just kept thinking about Megs pulling her big blue bag behind her, wandering around that enormous airport all by herself.The sound of those luggage wheels click, click, clicking their echo as she walked the empty corridors, all by herself. Megan patiently waiting to meet up with her group for those nine long hours, all by herself. You see?! How could I possibly sleep, when she was all by herself and so far away? It brought back that feeling I had when she was five years old and we drove home after church, forgetting her there.Pure momma guilt.

But she survived, reminding me again that she is all grown up and not that five year old that we had left by herself on that pew at church.And God continues to remind me that He has control over every detail.

As it turned out, she finally connected with some of the other students and found instant friends. Her last call to me as she was getting ready to board the plane helped put my heart at ease. I could hear excitement in her voice and a sense of relief at traveling with the others. Her new adventure begins, and I am so excited for her. I think that tonight I'll sleep a little better.

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