Sunday, January 3, 2010

Baby Henry

O.k.,get the Kleenex out and get ready for a good cry! Or at least that's how it is for me when I watch this video. You see, I am soooo excited about the birth of our first grandbaby! I get so mooshy inside and wet-eyed when I think about him and about all of the new experiences that he will bring to Allie and Garrison (and especially Bunz the cat).

During the holiday break I was priviledged to view the making of this video. It was awesome to listen to Karli and Lindsey practicing over and over again. For those who might be reading this blog and don't know our family, which would actually be a freakin' miracle because, after all, only those people that I have literally given birth to follow my stinkin' blog-literally, Karli is 12 and Lindsey is 18 going to school down in Eugene.

So enjoy this video again, my offspring, and for those who are passing through onto bigger and flashier blogs, take a moment to see the wonder of our oldest daughter and her soon to be baby!

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