Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Candy Man Cometh

The Candy Man cometh. He lumbers down our driveway in his beat up white van, and hikes up his jeans as he steps out and greets our golden retrievers. To Hans and Luke, he is Willy Wonka, the man to be loved, slobbered upon and worshiped. He is...the ferrier. The trimmer of horse hooves and the one that my dogs adore; for to them, horse hooves are the ultimate in dog chewies.

If you have never experienced the look on a dog's face as he gnaws on a hoof, jowls all frothy and foamy-white, then you do not know the look of heaven on a dog's face.

But to Hamlet, the obese, mini (haha) Dachshund that we are doggie-sitting, this is a new experience. While the other dogs reverently sat around my horse, eager for the Candy Man to throw them a trimming, Hamlet was clueless. Until he happened upon a piece that the others had overlooked. Suddenly, Hamlet was prancing around the yard as if he had just discovered the Golden Ticket. However, this ticket is dirty, smelly, and gross to us humans. And really, it's just a very large, disgusting toenail. eeewwww.

So when Hamlet pranced up to the porch with it, and proceeded to walk into the house, I snatched it from him.Hey, we may be in the country, but THAT thing stays outside.

Yep, Hamlet is a city dog gone country!

Author's note to self: When a doggie over-indulges on hoof chewies, remember to contain him in a room with linoleum. DO NOT put him in a warm car and take him for a jaunt into town. Bad idea. VERY bad idea.

"Ooohhh, my aching belly!"

Henry's First Picnic!.wmv

Man, oh man. It feels as if it was just yesterday when I was so in love with my little one. And now my "little one" is in love with her little man. Time, you really can fly.

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