Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Held Hostage by Babies and Blondies

Sometimes life feels like it's on hold for me. It's just as if I have been holding my breath for the last couple of days now. Have you ever had that experience before? And yet life is going on around you, and there are things that you need to do, but during that time, you just. don't. care.

My life is on hold. Held hostage by others. Specifically, by a little baby and a girl in Uganda.

Do you realize what an impact you two have on me? And on my family?

Baby Henry, you have no idea the power that you have! Not just on your parents, but on your grandma. For example: The phone rings and it's your mommy calling me. Immediately the question flies at me from those in the room- Is she in labor?! In town people ask-did she have the baby?!When is she due?
Do you see? Waiting around for you is really almost as exhausting as giving birth. Well...not really. But almost.

As for you, Miss Megan, I have been holding this laptop hostage beginning at 9pm every night in hopes that you might pop up on Facebook again. And I can get pretty nasty, too! If someone wants to peruse on the Internet, well, no way, Jose!!! Right now as I'm writing this post I check the Facebook chat in hopes that your name will magically appear. I just miss you.

O.k. guys, I just have to get my head back in the game of life-the other life that is not wrapped around you! But hey, how can I NOT continually think about the cutest baby to be? And I really never tire of pondering about all of the crazy new experiences that Megan must be taking in right now in Uganda. I just marvel at the thought that tonight she is beginning her tomorrow.

But my today continues on, right now.

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