Saturday, June 27, 2009

Savannah at Night

The other night we walked along what is called Riverside, where there are a lot of cute little shops and you can watch the big barges come in with the help of tugboats.

We rode a ferry across the river and saw the city from the other side.

Garrison's office is the window above the M and B in Gamble! He has a view of the street and river! Wow Garrison, your moving up in the world!
The capital at night.

Keller's Flea Market

After the beach we headed over to the flea market, where they sold things from tires to cats and bunnies!! I found some license plates for Steven that he should be happy with!

After the flea market, Chef Garrison cooked us up some of his special hamburgers-Yummmm!

Enjoying the Georgia Beach

Today was our day to hit the beach. Garrison and Allie took us to Tybee Island and we got to enjoy some "real" sand and warm ocean water for a change! The sand was so soft, and we spent time shell hunting. At one time we saw 2 dolphins swimming really close to shore, right by swimmers!

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