Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2011 Pocket Calendar

A pocket calendar tells so much.

As I was cleaning out my purse today I took the time to update my calendar book.However, I still want to keep the old one. Why? It's really quite useless now; the calendar doesn't apply anymore and the address book needs updating.

But it tells so much! I could spend an hour looking back on the pages that tell of kids birthdays, 4-H meetings, and vacations!

So thank you, old calendar book, for helping me look back on the year that has come and gone. To reminisce on the boring meetings, the tedious doctor's appointments and the mundane days. However, you have also reminded me of our two daughters graduating from college, Carly's qualifying for state fair, our vacation to the sand dunes in Florence, Oregon, and our summer with our foreign exchange student from China.

Farewell, 2011. I look forward to filling my new pocket calendar with 2012 events and commitments

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