Friday, November 6, 2009

Blogger Envy

Hmmm... I always have grand ideas of writing long, witty blogs, like the ones that I have flagged and keep up on.

It feels kind of like stalking...I don't know these people, and it amazes me how open some of them are! And through it, I'm kind of getting to know them. Weird. Two of my favorite blogs are both sooo different from each other. Cath's pennies at is this older lady who is obsessed with creating and designing these candle mats and table runners. (What's a candle mat anyway, and who really needs a mat for their candle? But they are so cute!!) You should look at them. Makes you want to sew something. Or just think about sewing something. At least it makes me feel like I'm being creative just by looking at all of her adorable little fabric scraps.

The other blog that I'm snooping on is by this New York city gal who moved to London. All that I really know is that she is a married Mormon with two really cute dogs. I don't really care about the Mormon thing, but she mentions it a lot. Not to mention that she has this really big bulletin on the side of her blog that says, "I'm a Mormon" and for a while I was misreading it as, "I'm a Moron!"Anyways, that's about all that I know about this gal. But she is funny! and I sooo wish that I could write like her. Just on and on of thoughts randomly running through her brain and out onto her blog, but it is stuff that anyone can really relate to. At least I think so. Her blog, Nat the Fat Rat, has over 1000 followers- isn't that crazy? that means that over 1000 people, who probably don't even know her, know her. Wow.

So I was really hoping that I could be blogger savy and put a link to both of those blogs. Obviously I need to have the "I'm a Moron" in really big letters on my blog.

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