Friday, June 26, 2009

Well, the heat proved to be too much for Karli, and we made our way to a little store for some water, after she emptied her stomach of its contents at the intersection across the street. After applying ice on the back of her neck, we stumbled back in the heat. We are such Washington wimps.
This squirrel was enjoying a snack on one of the Oak trees. How he can eat in this heat is a wonder to me!!!
There are two fountains in the park and the pond is stocked with fish: Bass and Catfish. People come here to sit in the shade and fish.
Today we walked to Daffin park, not far from their apartment. The Oak trees are HUGE and the Spanish moss hanging down is beautiful.
We made it to Savannah, Georgia! Allie and Garrison's place is really cute, and thank Goodness for air conditioning!!! We were welcomed by the greeting party of Bunz, their demon possessed cat-seriously possesed. The thing hisses and growls anytime we go by! I continuously look behind me to see if it's going to attack! Today I attempted to make friends with it by giving it a treat. She didn't go for it. From now on I'm carrying a big stick. Irreconcilable differences.

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