Sunday, January 16, 2011

Student Driver-Beware

This past week our son began driving. This is child #3 on the student driving circuit, so I think that I've finally learned how to push back the images that can flash through my brain. Like confusing the gas with the brake. Rear ending the car in front of them. Pedestrians impaled on the hood ornament. Stuff like that.

But, I reluctantly admit, he's not too bad of a driver. I don't want him to know it; heaven forbid he gets overly confident.

But the other day was his very first drive-thru. He managed to made it up the the window, cautiously inching his way up to it as the two young,ahem, attractive ladies wait. He finds the window button and pushes it down to order, only to have my window roll down.
The young, ahem, attractive ladies wait.
He gives a little smirky smile and pushes the window button down. The back window rolls down.
The young, ahem, attractive ladies wait. Giggle.
Finally, New Driver gets his window down and gazes upon those sweet giggling faces.
"Your his first drive-thru." I have to explain.
"Ohhhh, that's so sweeeeeet! How cute!!!" The young,ahem, attractive girls coo.
New Driver gives his smirky smile. And blushes.


Megan said...

Ah man, our little Brother is so grown up and almost 16!!!!!! You are such a brave mom to be driving with a fourth new driver in the family. But just think, only one more to go :)

Preston said...

Hello Mrs. Hall! Happy Birthday!!! It has been an exciting adventure to get to know you and your family over the last couple of months! Thank you so much for being a mother who has instilled integrity and a passion for God in her children! I am so blessed to be dating your daughter =] Again Happy Birthday and thank you for being you!
Blessings and love

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